Associate Consultants

Added to our internal expertise, we complement our team with other independent (eco)toxicology or product stewardship consultants, namely:



Dr. Randy Deskin [Ph.D, DABT, ERT]

Dr. Randy Deskin is the founder and Managing Director of Deskin Associates. He has over thirty years of industrial product regulatory and toxicology experience gained in industry, CROs and consulting. Dr. Deskin specialises in human toxicology, regulatory toxicology and product stewardship. He obtained his PhD in toxicology from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Mark Martens [Ph.D, ERT]

Dr. Mark Martens has been active in toxicology, risk assessment and preclinical development for over 40 years in academia, authorities and the industrial sector (chemical, agrochemical, food and pharmaceutical). He is now active as an independent consultant in toxicology, specialised in human toxicology and risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. He obtained a PhD in toxicology in 1976 from the school of pharmacy of the University of Ghent.

Dr. Monica Garcia Alonso [Ph.D]

Dr. Monica Garcia-Alonso is an environmental risk assessment and regulatory affairs consultant with over twenty years of industry experience in the environmental safety assessment of pesticides and genetically modified crops. Dr. Garcia-Alonso is specialised in the domains of ecotoxicology and the environmental risk assessment of agrochemicals. She obtained her Biology degree from the University of Barcelona in 1990 where she also earned her MSc in insect physiology in 1992. She obtained her PhD in neurobiology in 1997 from the University of Reading, UK.

Dr. Andrew Cockburn  [Ph.D., ERT]

Dr. Dr. Andrew Cockburn, FSB FBTS, is a career toxicologist, serving a wide range of industrial sectors including the agrochemical, biocidal and pharmaceutical industries. He is specialised in human toxicology and the risk assessment of agrochemicals. Dr. Cockburn obtained a B.Sc. (Hons) First Class in biochemistry from Brunel University as well as a PhD in cardiotoxicity.