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Authorising biocidal actives and products under Regulation

(EC) No. 528/2012


ToxMinds supports manufacturers, users and importers of biocidal actives and products in assuring safety and regulatory compliance of their products under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

Our core team of industry-experienced (eco)toxicology and regulatory affairs consultants provides creative, strategic and science-based solutions to support ongoing and new business initiatives in the biocides area.


Our dedicated industry support for the registration of biocides includes:

Portfolio review and strategic consulting
Development of IUCLID datasets and all other documentation required to register biocidal products under the BPR
Human and environmental exposure modelling and risk assessments
Determination of substance and mixture classifications under the CLP/GHS
BPR registration management; including data sharing discussions
Post-submission support and client representation with EU regulatory bodies
Consortium management and client representation in technical advisory groups

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