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Establishing safe chemical exposure levels

Humans are directly exposed to chemicals at the workplace, through consumer products, food packaging materials, food or pharmaceuticals and indirectly via the environment.


ToxMinds is highly experienced in the hazard and risk assessment of human chemical exposures. We integrate toxicological assessment with ethical business practice and have served various industries in establishing safe consumer or worker exposure levels for hundreds of chemicals.


We apply our hazard and risk assessment skills in an R&D, regulatory and due diligence context including:

Portfolio review, candidate screening and strategic consulting
Establishment of safe consumer exposure levels to chemicals used or present in cosmetic and consumer products, food contact materials, food, medical devices and pharmaceuticals
Updating, standardising and state-of-the-art hazard assessment of chemical palettes used in consumer or general downstream products
Chemical safety and risk assessments, including those required under EU REACH, Biocides, Agrochemicals, Cosmetics and Food Contact Materials regulations
Green chemistry evaluations