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Managing REACH!

REACH is the European Union’s chemical regulation that became effective throughout the EU in June 2007.


With Registration Phases I and II behind us, it is now time to tackle Phase III registrations of substances being manufactured in or imported into the EU at tonnage bands of 1 – 10 tpa and 10 – 100 tpa. The deadline for these registrations is May 31st 2018. Are you ready?


Existing registrations require updating on a regular basis to adjust for increasing scientific knowledge, changes in the regulation and/or ECHA guidance documentation. Manufacturers, users and importers of chemical substances are all required to comply with the REACH regulation.


To this day, we have developed REACH registration dossiers for over 175 chemicals. We also manage and consult various REACH chemicals consortia on technical and regulatory matters as well as representing a number of multinational and medium-sized companies in REACH technical advisory groups. Through our scalable team set-up of experienced consultants and research analysts, we combine REACH regulatory, (eco)toxicology and project management expertise with the capacity for high volume data and information management in a cost-efficient manner.



Our REACH assistance includes:

Portfolio review and strategic consulting (business, regulatory)
Registration management of chemical portfolios and single substance registrations
Desktop searches and data gap analysis
Evaluation and justification of (Q)SAR, analogue identification and grouping approaches
Human and environmental exposure modelling and risk assessment
Design and management of testing programmes
Dossier preparation and submission
Post-submission and evaluation support with regulatory bodies
Consortium/SIEF management and third party representation
Study valuation and Letter of Access (LoA) cost calculations