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Welcome to TriAgro

TriAgro supports the agrochemical sector in assuring the safety and EU regulatory compliance of its active substances and formulated products. Our team of industry-experienced (eco)toxicology, chemistry and regulatory affairs consultants provides creative, strategic and science-based solutions for ongoing and new business initiatives.



About us

Under the leadership of ToxMinds BVBA and S.H. Consultancy, TriAgro is a newly formed network of scientific and regulatory consultants ready to meet the needs of the agrochemical sector in the European Union. TriAgro stands for the three expert service areas that we offer to the agrochemicals industry: technical consultancy, regulatory strategy and dossier compilation (core dossiers, national addenda).


ToxMinds BVBA - Dr. Francesca Tencalla

ToxMinds is composed of a core team of industry-experienced (eco)toxicologists and regulatory affairs consultants supported by a group of highly motivated research analysts.


S.H. Consultancy - Dr. Sabine Henning-Helbig

S.H. Consultancy brings forth agronomy expertise in plant protection and plant health combined with years-long experience in EU regulatory affairs focused on pesticide residues analysis.


Our Offer


Portfolio review, data gap analysis and strategic consulting

Scientific literature review

Study placement and monitoring

Tiered human and environmental exposure modelling and risk assessment


Dossier preparation

Administrative support for submissions in the EU

Pre- and post-submission support


Technical Expertise


Physical-chemical properties


Environmental fate


Residues / MRLs


We would be happy to help you meet your scientific and regulatory challenges. Please contact us to learn more about TriAgro.