Chemicals are essential components of our daily lives. Our well-being depends largely on chemicals. At the same time, some chemicals may present a danger to public health and the environment if used improperly.

ToxMinds supports its clients from the chemical industry on all scientific and regulatory issues related to human health and the environment. Our team of (eco)toxicology and regulatory specialists provides innovative, scientifically sound solutions to support ongoing and new business initiatives. We seek close partnerships with our customers on all matters related to product safety & regulatory affairs.

Our dedicated services for commodity and specialty chemicals businesses include:

  • Coordination, analysis and registration management of chemical portfolios
  • State-of-the-art toxicology, ecotoxicology & environmental fate assessments
  • QSAR and analogue-based chemical safety evaluations
  • ECHA-guideline compliant assessment of endocrine disrupting properties
  • Higher tiered human and environmental exposure modelling and risk assessments
  • Support of REACH registrations at all stages
  • Determination of chemical and mixture classifications under CLP/GHS legislations
  • Generation of ICCA-compliant product safety summaries
  • Client representation and science advocacy with EU regulatory bodies
  • Consortium management, 3rd party representation and trustee services
  • LoA cost determinations and negotiations