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ToxMinds is composed of a core team of experienced (eco)toxicology consultants that is supported by a group of highly motivated research analysts. All our team members possess advanced scientific degrees in toxicology or related environmental health sciences.

Our senior consultants are also certified in general toxicology with the American Board of Toxicology (DABT) and/or are registered in the European Registry of Toxicologists (ERT). We are following the developments in regulatory toxicology very closely. Here, we focus specifically on the field of predictive toxicology, new approach methodologies, endocrine disruption and skin sensitisation. Our passion is to apply emerging technologies in (eco)toxicology in the chemical risk assessment process to avoid any unnecessary animal testing wherever possible.

Our chemical and product safety services include:

  • Comprehensive literature and desktop searches using public and commercial databases
  • Retrieval, data compilation and presentation of accurate information on the (eco)toxicological effects of chemicals
  • Interpretation, quality evaluations and development of Robust Study Summaries (RSS) of physico-chemical, environmental fate, (eco)toxicology and human toxicology studies
  • Data gap analysis under consideration of non-testing approaches
  • Identification of intelligent testing strategies, design and management of testing programmes
  • ECHA-guideline compliant assessment of endocrine disrupting properties
  • Higher tiered human and environmental exposure modelling (e.g., CHESAR, EASY TRA, Consexpo, ART, EUSES, Risk of Derm)
  • Risk assessment of chemical substances in compliance with the respective regulatory frameworks (e.g., REACH, BPR)
  • Solving complex health or environmental issues through organisation and management of multi-disciplinary expert panels

Industry sectors we support

Discover the latest news and insights with ToxMinds.

Discover the latest news and insights with ToxMinds.

Discover the latest news and insights with ToxMinds.