Product stewardship is the practice of making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of the life cycle of chemicals. It is a shared responsibility between chemical producers, their suppliers and customers. It provides the platform for companies to identify risks at an early stage and manage those risks along the value chain.

ToxMinds supports companies by helping them to characterise the risks associated with the manufacture and use of their products. We further develop the documentation required to assure safe chemical handling and use. We also support our clients in developing their strategies and risk communications for chemicals of public concern to address perceived – but not scientifically-justified – risks.

Our product stewardship services include:

  • Client tailored trainings on topics related to product safety & regulatory compliance
    • Principles of human & environmental hazard, exposure and risk assessment of chemicals
    • Hazard-specific endpoint training (e.g., skin sensitisation, endocrine disruption, aquatic toxicity)
    • Regulatory frameworks and related IT tools (e.g., IUCLID software package)
    • QSAR & REACH/BPR specific exposure modelling tools
  • Development of REACH-compliant extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS)
  • Establishment and moderation of scientific review panels
  • Development of science-based strategies and documentation to support chemicals or products under regulatory or public scrutiny
  • Science advocacy and product defence
  • Communication of (eco)toxicology and risk assessment findings to various audiences with different levels of scientific knowledge

Industry sectors we support

Discover the latest news and insights with ToxMinds.

Discover the latest news and insights with ToxMinds.

Discover the latest news and insights with ToxMinds.