Cosmetic &

Assessing the safety of ingredients present in cosmetics and consumer products is at the core of what we do at ToxMinds. Our team of experienced toxicology and risk assessment specialists provide creative, science-based solutions to support the cosmetic and consumer product industries’ ongoing and new business initiatives.

We identify new approach methodologies by leveraging on recent advancements in the understanding of endpoint specific mode of actions (MoA) and/or adverse outcome pathways (AOP).

Our dedicated services for the cosmetics and consumer product industry include:

  • QSAR modelling and analogue identification and read-across justifications
  • Identification of mechanism-based in chemico and/or in vitro testing strategies to fill endpoint data gaps
  • Guidance-compliant screening for endocrine disrupting properties and SCCS-compliant human health risk assessments
  • Preparation of cosmetic ingredient dossiers
  • Development of product information files (PIF) and notification via CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) for cosmetic products
  • Assessments of extractables and leachables in packaging materials
  • Feasibility and safety screening of new technologies including botanicals and nanomaterials
  • Due diligence evaluation of new business ventures