ToxMinds are specialised in ensuring product safety and compliance.


We are passionate about toxicology and how emerging scientific developments can be utilised to support our customers in bringing safe, regulatory compliant and sustainable products to the marketplace.

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March 2020

Read our latest insight on the EC JRC’s tender for studies that aim to provide mechanistic understanding into the effects of chemicals after repeated exposures.



Our team of highly qualified (eco)toxicologists and regulatory specialists ensure that your products are safe to man and the environment and REACH compliant!


Obtaining biocidal product authorisation – ToxMinds supports companies marketing biocidal actives and products complying with the European Biocides Regulation.

Cosmetic & consumer products

Non-animal testing based safety assessment strategies for the cosmetics & consumer products industry.


Chemical risk assessment, PDE and MRL derivation services to companies from the pharmaceutical, veterinary medicines or medical device sectors.

Green biotechnology

Supporting the agribusiness and biotechnology sector with GM crop registration in accordance with the latest EFSA and EU legislative guidelines.


Natural ingredients, inherently safe?

The Executive Director of the Cosmetics Ingredient Review (CIR) addresses the myth of the perceived greater safety of natural versus synthetic and the importance of an expert safety assessment of ingredients in the journal Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Severity of eye effects caused by accidental exposure to detergent and cleaning products

A most interesting study concerning the severity of eye effects caused by accidental exposure to detergent and cleaning product has recently been published by Scazzola et al., 2019. The study investigated the predictivity of a product’s classification for eye hazard following reported accidental human exposures to common household detergent and cleaning products.


Chemical and product safety

Ensuring chemical and product safety using emerging technology and state-of-the-art risk assessment practices.

Regulatory strategy and compliance

We help you to meet the regulatory demands and to stay compliant with EU Regulations.

Product stewardship

Ensuring publicly acceptable products – We help you to communicate the safety of your product to the public.

QSAR Modelling

Predicting toxicity, identifying suitable analogues for read-across and select lead candidates through combined use of public and commercial QSAR tools.

Endocrine disruption

Identifying and assessing the evidence for chemicals to cause endocrine disruption in humans and the environment.

New risk assessment methodologies

Identifying and applying new methodologies and risk assessment approaches to support chemical safety without animal testing.


ToxMinds was tasked by a petrochemical company to assess the toxicological hazard of and derive MRLs for non-intentionally added substances in a food contact polymer.

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