Conduct of a hands-on training on the use of in silico tools in chemical hazard assessment

In collaboration with Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), ToxMinds conducted a 2-day hands-on training on the use of in silico tools in wider context of chemical hazard assessment.

Science advocacy to prevent onerous classification of a chemical substance for acute inhalation toxicity

ToxMinds developed the technical argumentation and science advocacy strategy to prevent an onerous, scientifically unjustified classification & labeling (CLH) proposal

Establishing health-based exposure limits (PDE) for pharmaceutical actives

ToxMinds established, in line with EMA guidance, permitted daily exposures for more than 30 active pharmaceutical ingredients to allow managing any API residues in case of shared facility manufacturing arrangement.

Consortium management and technical support to European REACH and Biocides consortia

ToxMinds is the consortium management organisation and technical lead consultancy for 3 REACH and 1 Biocides consortia

REACH strategy and registration support to chemical manufacturers

With more than 250 REACH registrations over the last 8 years, ToxMinds is trusted by its clients in the REACH registration process.

Inhalation exposure and risk assessment associated with the release of VOC, SVOC and particulates from scented candles

ToxMinds assessed consumer exposures and risks associated with the release of volatile organic compounds, including benzene, formaldehyde and naphthalene from scented candles.

Identification of hazards associated with non-intentionally added substances in a food contact polymer

ToxMinds was tasked by a petrochemical company to assess the toxicological hazard of and derive MRLs for non-intentionally added substances in a food contact polymer.

Development of permissible daily exposure levels of impurities present in pharmaceutical products

ToxMinds is a key resource to a major multinational biopharmaceutical company on the safety assessment of extractables & leachables and manufacturing impurities ending up in the medicinal product.

Human health risk assessment of a biocidal product line for due diligence purposes

ToxMinds supported the acquisition of a biocidal product line by a multinational consumer product company by demonstrating the safety of the products for children and adults under in-use conditions.

Feasibility screening of new molecules to be used in cosmetic applications

ToxMinds supports a large, multinational cosmetic product manufacturer in prioritising new molecules for use in cosmetic applications from a consumer safety point of view.

Evaluation of skin sensitisation potential of a class of functionalised chemicals on the basis of in silico, in vitro and in vivo data

ToxMinds assessed and evaluated the skin sensitisation potential of functionalised chemicals on the basis of in silico, in vitro and in vivo data.

Identification of safe exposure levels of ingredients used in cosmetic and consumer products

ToxMinds supported a large multinational consumer product company in the context of an internal chemical safety review programme by developing standardised hazard assessments.